Warwick offer a range of bespoke financial products to its valued client base. Initially each client meets with a qualified Warwick Professional to determine their specific financial needs and requirements. This ensures that Warwick can provide the best possible financial solution relevant to the client.

Investments – Local and International

Warwick are local and international Wealth Management Specialists who offer exceptional investment products to all its clients. Each Warwick client receives a bespoke investment plan that caters for their financial goals and needs. This is then enhanced by a client centric approach that delivers superb client service.

With regards to a client’s investments, Cadiz Asset Management are the preferred asset management institution utilised by Warwick. Established in 1995, Cadiz have grown from a South African asset manager to one that now operates in several jurisdictions managing billions of rands on behalf of both private and institutional clients. Local and international Collective Investment Schemes and ‘Personal Share Portfolios’ (PSP’s), managed by Cadiz are utilised to meet the needs of Warwick’s local and international clients.

Constant monitoring of the investments ensures that all client monies are invested in the individual clients chosen risk profile. All clients are invested via a bespoke investment plan, be that via a PSP, a Wrap fund or an Individual fund, locally and or internationally.

All funds are monitored constantly by internal and external compliance teams to ensure they conform to their stated objectives. All the Warwick and Cadiz funds are fully regulated and approved by the relevant regulator.

Estate Planning

All Warwick Wealth Specialists and Planners are qualified to provide clients with a comprehensive estate plan. It is important to note that estate planning is not simply drafting of a will and or the structuring of an estate plan to limit estate duty. Estate planning involves far more, such as, consulting with our clients on their future needs, risks and goals in order to ensure their requirements and legacy are achieved. All Warwick clients are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that as their needs and goals may change so does their estate plan.

High Interest Cash Accounts 

All Warwick investment clients receive a High Interest Cash Account (HICA). This provides them with a secure, flexible and high yielding bank account, with a reputable bank. The dedicated Warwick Cash Account Administrators then manage each client’s payments and balances, based on their requirements and needs. The HICA ensures that Warwick clients have immediate access to cash while receiving an exceptional return on their monies through Warwick’s scale and bargaining power with external banking institutions.

Wills and Executorship

All Warwick clients are offered a free Will with excellent discounted executorship fees as part of their financial planning requirements. Warwick make use of Appleton Fiduciary Services, as our preferred Wills and Executorship partner. Appleton Fiduciary Services was established in 1992 and is focussed exclusively on the writing of Wills and acting as executor on the estates of its Wills clients.

Portfolio Secured Credit

Warwick offers ‘Portfolio Secured Credit’ as an alternative to more traditional credit products. Clients can use their Warwick investment portfolio as security to obtain a line of credit. This offering is made available in conjunction with Nedbank Private Wealth, a Warwick partner for over fifteen years.